9To the Lighthouse

"If it's a fine day tomorrow" said Mrs. Ramsay. "But you'llhave to be up with the lark," she added.her theseTo her son these words conveyed an extraordinary impression ofjoy. It seemed indeed as if it were now settled, & the expeditionto which he with all its certain to take place, & thethe wonders to which he had looked forward the br brought within touchwithso near only a night & a sail only a dazzling, uneasypainsdisquietude, a glittering a nights, & then a day's sail, between.Since he belonged to the even at the age of six to that greatclan which cannot keep its emotions within separatecompartments, but must let future prospects, & theirjoy or sorrow, colour th what is bec go actually on hand,must, further, so alter the let them since to suchpeople, even in earliest childhood, the a joy or a sorrow[?]helped pleasure, laughter, whatever it may be, has thepower to crystallise or transfix any moment, upon which itsgloom or radiance alights James Ramsay, sitting on thefloor, cutting out pictures from the Catalogue of the Army &enbalmedNavy Stores, endowed a phot refrigerat the picture of arefrigerator, as his mother spoke, with heavenly tenderness.bliss. Already Tinged with such hues, alreadythe wheelbarrow, the lawn mower, pictures, cubboardssounds, pop the sound of the poplar trees, leaves whiteningbefore rain, rooks cawing, m broom knocking, dressesall thesew rustling - already each of the sounds of the daily domesticlife, wer was were already so coloured & dist distinguishedthatin his mind; & he had already his private codeof his language which is own language, & thoughit would have been to look at, in his he appearedthe im picture of stark & uncompromising severity.so that his mother imagined him playing a man's part in
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