7To the LighthouseNames to be used.[?]indle SimpsonDavid RamsayKnighton. Seton.Lucy RamsayBenjamin Prentice. Briscoe. Toomer.Mr. ClutterbuckFiske. Manning. Caffin. Sergeant.Patience -- Priscilla.Tombs. Grimes. Tabor. SillingMartin. SamsonDoyle. Brooks. Faith. Redditch.Samuel. Sara. Peregrine.Miles. Lisle. Holcroft.Tansy. Peaclock. Jamesabel.James Ramsay.Patcham. Mildred. HolroydSilasSara Bridget.Warmbush. Winbolt.Araminta --January 15th 1926This the idea has grown in the intervalsince I wrote the beginning. It The presence of the 8children, undifferentiated, should be important tobring out the sense of life in opposition to fate -i.e. waves, lighthouse. Then there is to besome specif movement as the evening passes: agreat dinner scene, all the family, & after this Ithink, Minta & Charles go out to become engagedAlso a scene in Mrs. Rs. bedroom, with childrenchoosing jewels while the birds rise & fall outside;a scene of her descending the stairs, smelling burning fat;but all is to draw in towards the end, & leavethe two alone: she expecting the return of theyoung couple. That poetry should be used in[?] quotations to give the character.I observe today that I am writing exactly oppositely from myother books: very loosely at first; not tight at first; & shallhave to tighten finally, instead of looseningas always before. Also atperhaps 3 times the speedMarch 9th1920
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