No 20.A7MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT MADE THIStwelfthDAY OFOctoberNineteen Hundred and Thirty One BETWEEN THeHogarth Press their heirs executors and assigns (hereinreferred to as the Proprietors) residing at 52, TavistockSquare, London, W.C.1, England, of the one part ANDJ.Holroyd.Reese[?]M.C. Wegner for and on behalf of the Albatross-Presse-G.m.b.H.their heirs executors and assigns (herinafter referred toas the publisher) residing at 37, rue Boulard, Paris XIV.France.of the other part whereby it is mutually agreed as follows:1. Whereas the Proprietors are the owners of the copyrightin an original work by Virginia Woolf entitled:-"TO THE LIGHTHOUSE"they hereby grant to the publisher the sole right to publishthe said work in the English language on the continent ofEurope, which shall not preclude the sale of English andAmerican editions of the said work in the aforesaidterritory.2. In consideration of clause (1) hereof the publisherhas paid to the Proprietors the sum of £30 (Thirty Pounds)receipt of which the Proprietors hereby acknowledge inadvance of a royalty amounting to Ten Percent (10%) on thepublished price in respect of each and every copy sold,such published price to be not less than two marks.3. The publisher hereby undertakes to publish the saidwork not later than January 18th, 1932, and to render anaccount to the Proprietors of all copies sold made up tothe thirty-first day of December in each year and theaccount shall be sent to the address of the Proprietorsor their agents within three calendar months of the date towhich the account is made up. The sums due to the Proprietorsif any shall be paid to the Proprietors or their authorisedrepresentatives together with the rendering of account.4. The publisher warrants not to offer copies of thisedition for sale in the British Empire and the United Statesof America.5. TShould the said work go out of print the rights grantedto the publisher in this agreement shall revert to theProprietors if the said publisher neglects to issue a newedition within six months of receiving written notice fromthe Proprietors or their agents to do so.6. The sums mentioned in Clause (2) hereof have been paidto Curtis Brown Ltd., of 6, Henrietfta Street, Covent Garden,London, W.C.2, England, as agent for the Proprietors andwhose receipt for the same amount and for all future sumsdue and paid under the terms of this agreement shall bea full and sufficient discharge of the publisher's financialobligation to the Proprietors.In witness whereof the parties have hereunto set their handsand seals on theday ofnineteenhundred and thirty one.PROPRIETORS:.......................................The Hogarth PressLeonard WoolfPUBLISHERS:.......................................[?]
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