11some crisis of public affairs, he was at the moment expanding &contracting, contracting & expanding like the mainspring of a watchwith joy.

"But" said Mr. Ramsay, stopping in front of the window,it won't be fine."

If there had been a knife handy, or any sharp implementwhich could have gashed his father's breast & let killed him where hethere and thenstood, James would have seized it. He hated him, loathed himfrom the depths of his heart. Mr. Ramsay excited extremes ofsuchemotion, he spoke the truth; h for he said what was disagreeable; he but thensaid what was true. His but it was true what he said. He wasincapable of altering the tampering with any fact, of alteringany thing which truth, to suit the pleasure or convenience ofany mortal being, least of all his own children, of the male sex in particular,who should be impervious to such from childhood made awareof the that life is hard, life is truth is uncompromising, & thepassage to that fabled land, where according to Mr. Ramsayour brightest hopes are extinguished, & our little barksfounder in the darkness, is one that needs, above all, courage, fortitude,truth& strength, & the power to endure.

"But it may be fine" said Mrs. Ramsay, turning somemaking some little adjustment of [?on] the stocking she was knittingw which, was if she finished it, & if they went to the Lighthousetomorrow, was to be put in the b given to the men.lighthousewho Theywere to have, too, a whole pile of old magazines; & sometobacco; & a pound of tea, & whatever she could find at thelast moment [?] lying about, not really wanted, & the very thing togive those poor fellows, who must be bored to extinctionsitting there all day with nothing to do but polish the lamp,& trim the wicks & d rake about in their scrap ofup on the rockgarden, a little pleasure. just a moments pleasure.For how would you like to be shut up for a wholemonth at a time, & possibly more in stormy weather, upon arock the size of the tennis lawn, she would ask,?
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