An overview of Letters

Woolf Online contains thirty-two letters written by Virginia Woolf between 9 January 1926 and 25 June 1938, all making some reference to To the Lighthouse, however brief, in its various stages, from conception to drafting to revising to reading proofs and reviews. Some of the letters written between 5 May and 22 May, 1926, during which time Woolf composed "Time Passes," are also on the pilot site. The first letter records Woolf's plan to begin the novel on that very day, delayed by illness. The last mentions the omission of her novel from an article by E. M. Forster. All letters come from volumes three and six of the six-volume The Letters of Virginia Woolf, edited by Nigel Nicolson and Joanne Trautmann (Harcourt 1975-1980), except for those to Charles Mauron, which are not in any print edition of Woolf's letters and which were in the possession of Mauron's widow when scanned for this project by Marilyn Deegan. Transcriptions by Pamela Caughie and Elizabeth Hanson. Mounted and organised by Nick Hayward.