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1513favourites; they might cut his hair for him; plait him chains, orinterrupt his work, pulling him up out of his chair to play atcroquet with them;

Mrs. Ramsay knew it. At this very moment she felt it, &asked herself how then it would have been if he had married one ofthem - those girls she meant, with a certain golden-reddishnessabout them, like Minta, whom she likedtoo;indeed she wasindeedshe wasnot jealous; almost grateful to them,for theirpulling laughing athim, till he seemed young & fiery & romantic;no longer &not caustic; not w burdened; not overcomewith the greatness of hislabours & the sorrows of the world & the failure, orprecise degree of failure or success of his books;but again, as shehad known him, at the beginning of life,with his tempersimplegallantry & his simplicityFor herself, she liked theher boobies - that was herhusband's name for young menlike Paul Rayley who were not brilliant; but neverpretended to be anythingThere was, she thought, beckoningPaul to a seat beside her, something most charming about ayoung man of twentysix,& so who is not all nerves, & allHe need not be brilliant.She was not brilliant She hadenough of brilliance.And how unfair, & how absurd, & howentirely lacking in commonsense examiners are, shesorry awfully sorrywhatever there was.And he gave her a flower?It was something common that grows on moors;flowerto call him stupid, she thought, as he tookbeside herto be so lateHe would eatdid she know ?thiswefound,his place, awfullyA& he pretended that he wanted her to name it; whereas,what had happened was that hethough it was quite a commonflower.We picked it for you, he said; & so she wouldtake it & keep it; & put it away among those so itW

?For what could one say?They had agreedYet But he did And yet when he sawher, he felt he musttell her, & so gaveher a flower he hadin his button hole.Which he had meant to keep always.But he instead It wasSo shetook it.would remind her; so it becameinstantly the token ofnot to say anything,either of them, until they were alonewith Mrs. Ramsay.something