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121IV.1926SundayJan 24thBut Rhoderick had what had happened?"Some one had blundered."That Her husbands words echoed in her mind, &, s Starting from hermusing, she ch recalled [?] suddenly gave meaning towords which she had held meaninglessin her mindfor some stretch of time.Her husbandHe was now comingtowards her; & being shortsighted, she fixing her shortsighted eyes on him, she gazed steadily until hiscloseness revealed to her this - that something hadhappenedfrom the look on his face that something had annoyed him.the jingle(songranin herhead"some one hadblundered"And she could not for the life of her think what.Yet But it was intolerable. He had died upon theheights of Balaclava - Stormed at by shot & shellboldly we rode & well - flashed through the valley of death -ran headlongvolleyed & thundered. & Suddenly one met Bankes & LilyBriscoe. And all that ride of ?his & it was shatteredWorsesomehow had someWorse he hadno right to must havebeen talking aloud, & what he imaginedhidden, was hadAh! - heshivered - [?In]been heard, & his vanity - for he did himself ride at thehead of his men & had a genuine pride in his fiercefellriding at the head of hismen, with flyingcloak &dsplendid appearance, fierceas a thunderbolt, fell as aall petered out into distantday lightRamsay on a terrace. Only But Not for the worldwould she have spoken to him, realising from the familiarsigns, his eyes averted, & some curious gathering togetherof his be person as if he wrapped himself about &requ demanded privacy that in he needed privacy inwhich to regain his equilibrium, once for some reason inshattered.In Passing on to her son the actionintended for her husband.smoothingstroking the littleedhimboys ahead, she superintended the watchchalk yellow the dress shirt of a gentleman of inthe Army, Navy Stores catalogue. Whether& hunchedhimself togetherfragmentstransferring hersolitude to him,
hawk,all was shattered. He was Rhoderick