218169now she must note down the discovery about permanence this -"Stand still here" some people say to life stand still here;For instance, Mrs. Ramsay. And she began making blues &umbers combine, the little heaps on mixing the little heaps on herpalette, quickly seizing the a rose, or a ro yellow, &imbuing them in the mixture, which absorbed her. &to glow, The canvas was now almost beginningto shine Colour was beginning to flower come out on the canvas.& then again, like a dancer precariously treading through the figures of adance, her brush seemed to be moving in some methodicalyet dangerous measure, & he pos her mind again beganthrowing up to the surface now this figure now that - for instancethings she had done, people she had seen, old words:little scenes;gr groups or but strange, mysteriously, on the thread:oneTime stand still here.

For surely that was [?] an odd power to have,odd indeed to And why How ?have Mrs. Ramsay sitting on thebeach, compelled there.Awhich she then applied lightly, dexterously:It was beginning
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