217167The whole world wore a dreamlike a faint, a far away look:a refined an unreal look: already: the little distance they had sailedhad already put them far from it; & given it the com composedfinished look ?of something which recedes from & is nowany longerwhich having in which one has no part. It was beautiful; it wasmelancholy.

She sat tried to make out which of all the little white houseswas their house.She could not be sure which of the houseswas their house.5"It is that boat with the brown sails" Lily decided; For itwatching it catch the breeze & start; & she turned back, havingto her easel.space

There was her space shape confronting her: pl &the further problem of the colour which was to the herremorses that remorseless plain fact problem; that usaustere ex presence; which was t which was [?]which s. Now that she had quitted herself of her duty,demanding her presence, now that she had quitted herself of her duty -for such she felt it - her duty towards Mr. Ramsay. She followedhim with sy sympathy: she tried to send after him the sympathyhe had rejected which had come too late. But this was morespace, the looming bodies, the crude, the tangible, the fact thepresence - the thing she felt pressing out upon her &out of the visible world, this messenger who seemed to ?& forto wait starkly & calmly & then in one seemed to assert itsrights & recall her from her strayings into a world that was moreterrible & more intense than the w world of affections -human intercourse, into a world where ?failures weremore terribly punished but success, of & she dreamedalways of success was not evanescent, but rock hardrock [?] & [?] reca called her back to it. Shehad her momentary indecision. She took her brush. Shesaid to herself, like a child repeating a lesson mechanically?is not personal,nor fleeting, but
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