41& to feel, naturally, that it was fun to spend an evening at the Circus.the ?soBut it was not easy all in a moment to destroy, cheerfully, those thedivisions of his day; to sacrifice fifteen pages of Sorel & the appropriateto obliterateadequate annotation to Hengler's Circus; & the curiously pureat midnightstoical vision of himself going to bed, dogged, a little ?sore/?rose roundwithso oftencontemplatedwithapproval& could nottick off 15?pages in his littlebook,the eyes, advanced one more rocky stage on his journey,& rightly complacent to the another, quite different: a of a man who had wanted a whole evening, & lost a stage of hisjourney, looking at the legs of women in tights, &pretending a merriment at the antics of bumpkinshorsesMr. Ramsay would think For But it was the Ramsayswereof all he would like to be. of human existence (save for the fact thatMr. Ramsay having means of his own, had not been able todisregard professorships, lectureships, wardenships, masterships& all the other splendours, which beckoned to Tansley himself, of anacademic career) He And thinking of the odd inconsistencywhich feeling the unpleasant assault, wishing for giftsthings thatwaved &beckonedupon hisown conception of himselfwhich were not his, but doggedly returning to asshe was all right,quite gratifiedasserting that his plain duty was plain for once he wasnotlearned & self-supporting he was going to hoard it: hewould teach; & poor men, working men, men like himself whohad had to fight every inch of the way; & he wouldwho did it, people, that is,who represented for him the summitremedy some of that monstrous injustice. -when Mrs.

Here Mrs. Ramsay,Ramsay touched his arm, & called his attention to theview of the bay, thus said Oh it was so beautiful!

It was considered extremely beautiful!Indeed,Andafter leav They had Indeed here was Mr. Talboys[?]

?Beasley painting it; Mr. ?Beasley in his panama, with a circle of boyshat & white tennis shoes; painting, another of thosepictures of the lovely bay which since ?tha Mr.Paunceforte came there & invented a

The bay, she meant. The th great platefull of sparklingblue water with the hoary lighthouse in the centre, &Mr. Tansley wasall screwedup into aballby this talk ofgoing to thecircus,servants -children allin a bunchat
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