39with a reaping machine two years ago: Still she looked.

Her attention was attracted equally by the man's skill, ?In ?Yet shesaid, what a dangerous job to have given a one armed man"for& the absurd yet undeniably attractive prospect of going, as shetaking goingsaid, in a large bunch, "taking the children, & the servantstaking a box" she said, tomorrow night, & seeing the to the&buy themCircus" - a prospect which had no lure whatever for Mr.Tansley, until she put it so, & then, being destitute of naturalthespirits, & very much cramped by his strenuous intellectualtoil which had been, as Mrs. Ramsay guessed, absolutelynecessary, for he was the son of very poor parents, &his fat now it was his turn to help them - only she wouldhave liked him better if he had not told her this & been soconscious of it, & dwelt upon his poverty - but when Mrs.Ramsay said this, he suddenly wanted to be sportive & frisky;& to feel that it really was good fun, this circus, thoughwhy the Ramsays he found it very difficult to understand. thematter. The Ramsays enjoyed the highest culture.
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