111at the shelf, which against her declaration that one room atleast should be free from books had already crowded awhite wood case,She looked, halfremembering wordsof kindngratitude &praise, &how she hadnever found timeto read herCroomstranslation of theSagas, orJones on Mindbut was there anything, she wondered, that she couldwould do tosend to thelighthouse?She doubted it.She wished that herchildren could be taught to wipe their shoes. - They brought inthe whole beach with them. Anything in reason - acrab for example, if Andrew really wished to study crabs; &would see to its would keep it properly - she did?so ?mindnot object to; or sea weed,if kept out of doors, for thesmell of it drying since Jasper believed that a delicioussoup could be made of it; or Roses objects - flowers,shells - But the effect upon a [?], she concluded,Old Jones hadwritten aabout theface that launcheda thousandshipswhole effect aspect effect, she concluded, was becomingsummer by summer moreshabbier; &shabby, &ierpaler, & palerthe bamboo bleaching, in the mat, which had beengreen green, now was now almost for a wholebreadths (unfortunately, it faded unevenly) pale yellow.in the wallpaperwhile, up in the corner, As forthe honeysuckle which hadbeen so pretty only bright, next year the eye offaith only would believe, what was nevertheless properlywastrue - that the design was by Huckle & Bennet -how muchcost she was ashamed to remember, pounds, ?pounddoorStill if every window in a house is left perpetuallyopen, & no locksmith in the whole of Scotland canbe trustmendcan apparentlymend a repair a bolt, for shehercould as usual the drawing room door was open; & thehall door was open, & presumably the kitchen doorwas open; & it sounded to her as if the bedroom doorswere open; & certainly the window on thelanding was open, for that she opened herself, it -of course things faded, & it was little use pinning up agreen cashmere shawl, for that too would fade; &
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