109"Hold your leg straight" she bade him, for he persisted instretchingbed bending his knee, so that, holding the stocking, shelooked up to see what mischief possessed him, heryoungest, her most cherished. She looked up, &then cast her own head was cut out against inprofile against one of those large brown picturesphotographs of authenticated masterpieces (MichaelAngelo, Titian) which, rigged in a cheap framestood upon an easel. For Much luxury could not beachieved - Arm chairs were sufficient but the coverssprings bulgedfaded; sofas whose entrailsprotruded must positivelybe mended next year; & so asfor carpets & so on,leavingwhat point would there be in bringinganything thatcould be spoilt to spoil in the long wet islandwinter, when the house, visited weekly by an oldonly?withwoman,dripped wet.? (Mrs. Ramsay said) But then,since they only came for the summer & the rent wasprecisely twopence halfpenny a year, & the childrenloved it, & it did her husband good to be three thousandor three hundred, then if miles then from his library &some discomfort wasinevitableworth theit washis lectures & all his disciples,or if she mustbeaccuratejourney. And they could all get in. And There&evenThere werewere spare rooms.Mats, camp beds, crazy ghosts ofthen there wereservice was done, -they woulddo wellenough;photographs, some of them, she recollected once hanging inher grandmother's house & bearing the signatures ofthosegreat men whose colours had to be kept moistunderohwith damp cloths; & books,always books, there wasleftno lack of books,brought by people who stayed there,given by young authors, pre sent by great whoto re spent happy days with her whosehappierwishes have to be obliged 'withthe Helenour days'London& she hadnailed uptheoldof chairs & tables whose life ofhad been happywith her - & yet, she thought,glancing
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