“No going to the Lighthouse, James," he said, ashe stood by the window, speaking awkwardly, buttrying in deference to Mrs. Ramsay to soften hisvoice into some semblance of geniality at least.

Odious little man, thought Mrs. Ramsay, whygo on saying that?III

"Perhaps you will wake up and find the sun shin-ing and the birds singing," she said compassionately,smoothing the little boy’s hair, for her husband,with his caustic saying that it would not be fine,had dashed his spirits she could see. This going tothe Lighthouse was a passion of his, she saw, andthen, as if her husband had not said enough, with hiscaustic saying that it would not be fine tomorrow,this odious little man went and rubbed it in all overagain.

"Perhaps it will be fine tomorrow," she said,smoothing his hair.

All she could do now was to admire the refrig-erator, and turn the pages of the Stores list in thehope that she might come upon something like arake, or a mowing-machine, which, with its prongs26
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