THE WINDOWdenly, in she came, stood for a moment silent (as ifshe had been pretending up there, and for a momentlet herself be now), stood quite motionless for amoment against a picture of Queen Victoria wearingthe blue ribbon of the Garter; when all at once herealised that it was this: it was this:—she was themost beautiful person he had ever seen.

With stars in her eyes and veils in her hair, withcyclamen and wild violets—what nonsense was hethinking? She was fifty at least; she had eightchildren. Stepping through fields of flowers andtaking to her breast buds that had broken and lambsthat had fallen; with the stars in her eyes and thewind in her hair— He took her bag.

"Good-bye, Elsie," she said, and they walked upthe street, she holding her parasol erect and walkingas if she expected to meet some one round the corner,while for the first time in his life Charles Tansleyfelt an extraordinary pride; a man digging in adrain stopped digging and looked at her, let hisarm fall down and looked at her; for the first timein his life Charles Tansley felt an extraordinarypride; felt the wind and the cyclamen and the violetsfor he was walking with a beautiful woman. He hadhold of her bag.25
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