Now they could see two men on the Lighthouse,watching them and making ready to meet them.

Mr. Ramsay buttoned his coat, and turned uphis trousers. He took the large, badly packed,brown paper parcel which Nancy had got readyand sat with it on his knee. Thus in completereadiness to land he sat looking back at the island.With his long-sighted eyes perhaps he could seethe dwindled leaf-like shape standing on end on aplate of gold quite clearly. What could he see?Cam wondered. It was all a blur to her. Whatwas he thinking now? she wondered. What wasit he sought, so fixedly, so intently, so silently?They watched him, both of them, sitting bare-headed with his parcel on his knee staring andstaring at the frail blue shape which seemed likethe vapour of something that had burnt itselfaway. What do you want? they both wanted toask. They both wanted to say, Ask us anythingand we will give it you. But he did not ask themanything. He sat and looked at the island and hemight be thinking, We perished, each alone, orhe might be thinking, I have reached it. I havefound it, Black pencil circles comma, indicating its replacement by marginal semicolon.;but he said nothing.

Then he put on his hat.

“Bring those parcels,” he said, nodding hishead at the things Nancy had done up for themto take to the Lighthouse. "The parcels for320
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