“Well done!” James had steered them likeborn sailor.

There! Cam thought, addressing herselfsilently to James. You've got it at last. For sheknew that this was what James had been wanting,and she knew that now he had got it he was sopleased that he would not look at her or at hisfather or at any one. There he sat with his handon the tiller sitting bolt upright, looking rathersulky and frowning slightly. He was so pleasedthat he was not going to let anybody take awayshareBlack pencil insertion 6 lines above cancellation, with line to insertion point. —peter.shillingsburgagrain of his pleasure.[∧]His fatherhadpraisedhim.VW: Lassoed with line to incomplete caret. —andyroowelchThey must think that hewas perfectly indifferent. But you’ve got it now,Cam thought.

They had tacked, and they were sailing swiftly,buoyantly on long rocking waves which handedthem on from one to another with an extraordinarylilt and exhilaration beside the reef. On the left arow of rocks showed brown through the waterwhich thinned and became greener and on one, ahigher rock, a wave incessantly broke and spurteda little column of drops which fell down in ashower. One could hear the slap of the water andthe patter of falling drops and a kind of hushingand hissing sound from the waves rolling andgambolling and slapping the rocks as if they werewild creatures who were perfectly free and tossedand tumbled and sported like this for ever.319
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