FIRST PROOFClark: Rubber stamp.THE WINDOWthe hall, looks down upon them, and descendsamong them, and acknowledges their tributessilently, and accepts their devotion and theirprostration before her (Paul did not move amuscle but looked straight before him as shepassed) she went down, and crossed the hall andbowed her head very slightly, as if she acceptedwhat they could not say: their tribute to herbeauty.

But she stopped. There was a smell ofburning. Could they have let the Bœuf en Daubeoverboil? she wondered, pray heaven not! whePencil checkmark above “e” appears without significance.nthe great clangour of the gong announcedsoPencil mark between lines.lemnly, authoritatively, that all those scatteredabout, in attics, in bedrooms,o /in little perches oftheir own, reading, writing, putting the lastsmooth to their hair, or fastening dresses, mustleave all that, and the little odds and ends ofntheirwashing-tables and dressing-tables, and the novelson the bed-tables, and the diaries which were soprivate, and assemble in the dining-room fordinner.17

But what have I done with my life? thoughtMrs. Ramsay, taking her place at the head of thetable, and looking at all the plates making whitecircles on it. "William, sit by me," she said.I129R. & R CLARK, LTD.5 FEB 1927Clark: stamp cut off at bottom.
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