TO THE LIGHTHOUSEwhat else? oh, yes, it might be cold: a shawl.Choose me a shawl, she said, for that would pleaseRose, who was bound to suffer so. "There,"she said, stopping by the window on the landing,“there they are again". Joseph had settled onanother tree-top. "Don’t you think they mind",she said to Jasper, "having their wings broken?”Why did he want to shoot poor old Joseph andMary? He shuffled a little on the stairs, andfelt rebuked, but not seriously, for she did notunderstand the fun of shooting birds; and theydid not feel; and being his mother she lived awayin another division of the world, but he ratherliked her stories about Mary and Joseph. Shemade him laugh. But how did she know thatthose were Mary and Joseph? Did she thinkthe same birds came to the same trees every night?he asked. But here, suddenly, like all grown-upspeople VW: Circled in purple ink with line to point of insertion. —peter.shillingsburg, she ceased to pay him the least attention.She was listening to a clatter in the hall.

“They’ve come back!" she exclaimed, andat once she felt much more annoyed with themthan relieved. Then she wondered, had ithappened? She would go down and they wouldtell her—but no. They could not tell her any-thing, with all these people about. So she mustgo down and begin dinner and wait. And, likesome queen who, finding her people gathered in128
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