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at the same moment, far apart, as they were, in their sleep.In short, the marriage took place about twelve months later.But what conclusions are we to come toTh Sterne's ghost, we might therefore deduce, wasconcludefundamentally a kind hearted spirit, who creaturewho if he presidedwa sawoneover the disaster of one marriage,presidedover thesaw to it that a second, more propitious,should succeed.For so one might interpret theCharlestold the storyof the Stonegate ghost for a hundred timesin the greenroom,& no one could acc account for his coming, or for hisitgoing. Again he told the story & this time an oldwidow lady, M cried outwhen suddenlyan oldwidow lady,"Why that was my dearBilly Leng!" - And then she informed them, how herdea Billy had been bedridden for years; how, they lodgednext door to the Mathews in Stonegate; howas his infirmities increased, so did his fears; how hebattered on the wall in search of robbers; howbeing the most methodical of men he did thisevery night as York Minster struck twelve -In short Billy Leng was Sterne's ghost wasbedridden Billy Leng.