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347He seemed Cam thought to be saying have made some bet; about the time it wouldtake them. He measured the space still left to sail with his eye.And then, he shut his watch; put it back into his pocket, & lookedto at the island, searchingly, sadly.

With his watch still in his hand, he looked at the island. He soughtwith his[?] keen long sighted eyes for the dwindled leaflike shape which Camhad her eyes on too. now appeared far away on a golden plate in themiddle of the sea.What was he thinking now? she wondered. What couldWhat was it he sought so fixedly, so intently that she it was painful tostaring&staring?look at him?watseeShe They felt both of them,wewe Let us give youeverything - As only ask us.Dont let usask, theyWe thought:dont askwecant ask,They both felt, Let us help you.But he looked at the blue frailshape,which seemed to made of some vapour burning &thing that had burnt itself to vapour. &soon it was quite clear,they did not know what heNo; he did not want anything. He did not ask anything.HeHe would never tell anyone what he looked for, orwhat, perhaps,as he satbetween them, with his hat off & his head exposed, he saw there.HeStaring & staringhe with hishat off &his watch inhis hand.

There are the parcels, he reminded them, speaking so quietly that itseemed as if he only s spoke so were thinking aloud.ParcelsThe things for the Lighthouse men" he said, & stooping& hefilled his arms with brown paper parcels; & stoodin thethe bow of the boat, very straight & tall, for allthe world,thoughtJames as if he were saying"There is no God", & Camthought, "As if he were leading us upon somethere onto that rock" && they both rose to follow him as he sprang, holding his parcels,on to the rock.