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345he looked at his watch. He made some calculations.He said"Well done".nobody in particular,And Addressed to the whole lot of them, though it might be,James thoughtthat this was hisPossiblyhesuddenlyMacalister was clapping his hands on histhighs:And indeed none of themhad any right to the remark thought JamesIt was almostimpossible that they should even speak directly to each other.That then was the praise at last! spokenThat was James's praise. That belonged entirely to him, Cam said to herself.The blood mounted steadily over James's face; he looked like a little boy often. He looked rather sulky, saying to himself that he would not showthat he was pleased; he would make out that he was angry.And now he had a chance of showing his metal. They were sailingswiftly buoyantly on long rocking waves which seemed tocarried the handed them in from one to another with anindescribable swing & exhilraration beside the reef;on the left, all a long row of rocks showed the brownthrough the green water; & on one higher than the rest the waves spurtedbroke & spurted.The drops went up in a column; onecould hear the slap of the water & the patter of the falling drops, &a kind of hushing & hiss seeme hissing sound w from therolling waves, & the flowing & falling in a kind of gamol &that was perfectly free & ye wild; & had gone on like this forever.

Two men were out on the Lighthouse again,looking at them,making sure it seemed that the boat was bound for thelighthouse, before they made some preparations.One couldThey decided apparently thatthe boat was coming to them.see their faces & something glitteringon a coat.Mr. Ramsay still seemed to be calculating the time.He had hiswatch in his hand. He looked at the Lighthouse, & thenat the watch.