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333Her cry was mixed as she remembered it - as if sheShe could not grapple with theIt was made up of so amusement & some grief despair,thing likethethat little cry that asCam remembered itBut it ended withthree little drops ofpure pleasure.pleasure -She also remembered,& the twoAh - ah ah. That she remembered.for the pure pleasure in thesound of this.She also remembered & often thetwo memoriesTheThat memory would join theattach itself to another, about ofsomething blue, pendant, swinging:from which [?]like a censer[?]swinging outcalm & [?]somethingvery adventurous& queer[?]calm ratherlow ?sorrowfulsoundbut both together seemed pa to make that part of the forest-world,which ?cli with no particular reason or meaning wouldhavingor [?]float off & become part of that vast, that the landscape, the forestthick with trees, alive withblue & distant, that forest, thatinexhaustible reservoir,from which one which, massed there, in thebackground, gave so such a depth,to this here.Her finger waswagging of itself on the gunwale; ag & Her finger was capable nowalmostdestroying the of blotting out the entire island.It wasIt was a forest which contained everything in the most extraordinaryseemedto be an[?]harbouragefor all sortsof things.richness & confusion; so that onewas always dis bringingstarting out of itas out ofaninexhaustible?fount,forward somethingor other to place against this: her finger waggingIt was never plain sailing, quite she thoughtShe saw the fingerwa ?oth against the sharp little rock over there intowhich the island had shrunk.It was sharp & thin &fragile, something like thea leaf dead leaf stood on end.That extraordinaryintricacy;Yet in its frailty,she thought, was that vast depth, blue, thicklypopulated;& that censer swinging, - & her mother taking theyellow flower, & & all those figures, her mothers,these people.passing up & down, passing in & out

He would scarcely notice if the mast fell on his head, thoug Jamesthought, seeing how, watching how he brushed his fatherbrushed aside the sail, when, in tacking, [?] it knockedthe brim of his hat.His hands seemed to be appointed