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2693238.They were very close to the lighthouse now.There it loomed up, stark&straight, on its rock,glaring white & black& one couldsee the waves, for the wind hadat the bare ?centre rockfreshened, breaking in white splinters. Once could see the windows in thetower, & a little bit of green on the rock.A man had come out &looked at them through a glass & gone in again:It wasextraordinary to be able to make out one detail after anotherwhen one had seen the lighthouse looking the same all these yearsacross the bay. [It was like that then, James thought.]Behindthe Lighthouse stretching away in a vast grey sweep was the open sea.It was like that then James thought.It was as if he had hopedseemed toIt satisfied him - it confirmed him in some suspicion.What he had expected - him in some idea, in some preconception,th & it was -But why ?the It was extraordinarily what oneto bewould have wished The underlining could be meant as a harmony with something or other.But what? was that something? he wondered; steeringwithIt was with something that he in himself & in his father too[& it was in his father too ?held Yes it was the thingthey shared; togeth only in In him either it had been overlaid withmarriage & children & all the rest,Thestarklighthouse & the waste of sea, running God knows where.]which shrugged the whole business of domesticity &?manners off his shoulders.with some idea of life that suited himwhich lay dormant in the back of hismindHe could understandIt was what he had in common with hisfather:

That old man stood up in a ghastly green-grey hall &went ontellingpeople to be good.And he believed