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259303Theres thatyes:trusty strange man; & it had come over her, as she took his hand toget out of the boat & land on the island where they were picnickingat some summer party, that she would say for the satthe word now, which she had hesitated to say.It would [?] be said,quite simply without demonstration of feeling on her side.But thedevotion, the trust the And he would row her back; &lose his temper with the lock man; & then, & thenBut Mrs. Ram But she wouldAndAnd as she had& it did not matter: & one supposed time after time, in secret,the same thrill - something peculiar with to them both -had passed between them: obviously it had, forin the rough &tumble of daily life, there was always the sense ofwhich so much added to the richness,these little repeated blows:which gavesuch a thicknessan at airto theatmospheresuchaqualitylike anechoone thing falling there where anotherhad been;which[?]pe made one feelmaking their relationship fuller, & richer.deeper.B Sad, serious, at any rate, it must have been too.