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248277The Her eyes were still on the brown sail of Mr. Ramsay's boat.Insensibly, howevershethey left that minute particular speck, & restedbegan as she watched the horizon, to see how the sky was changing, slightly,& the sea changing, so that a [?] view which a moment before hadseemed transfixed in purecalm, was now vaguely unsatisfactory.Thewind had blown the steam trail of steamall about; & there wassomething wrong in the spacingof the ships.That, too, needed to be taken into the mind & left toRolledaboutinIn the depths of winter in the Brompton Road she would see it as it shouldbe seen, no doubt. again rightly.DropDropped into her mind, shewo she would, unconsciously, separate & separatearrange, it & order it, & clean it of superfluities.The So with But thewhich indeed was what one did withall life,this too.(So that it was only in absence, after some time had passed, & onehad recovered from the horrid shock dealt one by facts whatshe thought turning towards the house again, & seeingatclose to her ?feet Mr. Carmichael reading; & then hercanvas;It annoyed her that she had done so little work.So farThis crudThe morning had been full of interruptions:she could not rid herself of this concern about Mr. RamsayShe kept looking over her shoulder & wondering where theygot to, what they were doing.Yetone cleanedit of superfluitieslater in theBrompton Roadperhaps.But hereat the momentthings weretoo confusing.

She must return to that endeavour; though it needed a greatscrewing up of her faculties. She mustShe could not achieve that razor edge of balance between thethe twoforces.two great forceswasingforce of what happened here, on the lawn;&thereThose two forms of life whichShe wanted nothing that she could She looked at her picture.There was something wrong in the picture, too. A line, aThe line of the wall wanted breaking there? & was the massof the tree too heavy there?She felt obscurely distressed,disordered in some part of her own balance; so thatfrom experience she knew that it would be