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239259He saw Cam looking who had been sunk in a kind of lethargy,now look up, rather look surprised. She had forgotten all about the contract, hethought.HerThisher

This island, their island, the island she idolised privately so that itenraged her when people said they had been to it, was like that thenshe thought.It lay like that on the sea, did it.It had that great ?boss outflowed inthere, & then, the sea came round there, &It looked completelydifferent from what & went on for miles in a broad?sweep passageglitteringto the sky.sweep, glittering in the sun, as she had never seen it.It went on;on & on, out there.Where then did it go?It was a very smallisland, stuck in a vast spread of sea.It seemed to her that they wereadventurers, pirates, people saved from a wreck, & in obedience toansome queer instinct which lig could madethe mo made thingsgo quickly & gave them an interest, she supposed that they were survivors of adisaster, & all depended upon her catching a fish;Butautomaticallyshe began to tell herself that they were adventurers, they were a shipwreckedcrew, they had to live on the fish they caught.SheBut at the same time she was aware of that it was an extraohow thisEven if she chose to play games,it was an extraordinary occasion.A The island looked like that; &She did not know the points of the compassBut she recalled herself with a jerk.He had been annoyed with herfor not knowing the points of the compass.But that wasBut as if the sea were ?in her mind, & thingsfell on the top & werewhirled away, so her father's anger, &his her ang unhappiness,atabout not knowing what to say to him & Jamesbe keepingthe compact with James had slipped away in that broad glitteringpath, surface; & now a completely fresh t view hadcome.It had changed again.When would it stop changing?Nobody It was like an There was one surprise after another.Whether painful or pleasant, she scarcely knew.But to bealive & to be forced,for no from no will of ones own, to beoneself, sitting in theboat looking at that [?] island was anastonishing fact,& her line seemed to flick with an intenseexcitement, jerking& vibrating in her fingers, & increasing the her feeling