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234249 Possibly an error for 259, but foliation continues with 251.why she had remained all these years, in the background there,like the answer to some question, which nagged at one.What was theuse now of asking it? He thought how they lived surrounded bymists & vapours. All the figures of their landscape were bulging ordwindling like figures in a crazy looking glass at a fair.Ask a simple question, But why did she marry him? why, ifhis books were bad, could she not say so? & then, thesedistorted figures (he had in mind Professors & old women)gave their began their mopping & mowing, twisted this way &that way, until to blunder into the drawing room of aSunday afternoon was to feel ashamed,an insult to them all; to them both; for he had that fibre in him too:And all this, whatever they might say of her beauty & her goodness,she would not have tolerated for an instant.