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233257But his mother somehow got up & went away into the distance, leaving him,ridiculously;grasping a paper knife,impotentlyimpotent to do anything& he could notfollow her, even nowwhere she went & what she felt he could not, even now, ?tapered offmajestically into the distanceimagine.She became suddenly remote, & majestic;sleepy

Not a breath of wind blew. The boat was like a very lazy oldanimal, stretching,stretched itself for a moment & then relaxed?alert,?alone,slackened. James felt that his father At any moment Mr. Ramsaymight wake up in a state of great an annoyance; &ed,a thought which made James think all the more intently &rigidly w about his mother, as though he were stealing down stairsin bare feet, afraid of waking a watchdog, with a creaking board.what happened when she left him, why she had done it, & what she was like;What was she like then?He knew now that theThere was that phantom; but whose approach was all set about withanguish & tears; so that, speaking soberly one must shut that off,if one wanted to all off, fo the he wished to be very exact. [ When shewent away, why then sh did she marry him?If they were alone,what did they talk about? ] He wanted to follow her from room to room,as she went about unsuspectingly, & at last to find himself alone with her:& then to put to her question after question. He wanted toall thatcolour& [?]in thegardenmaster encircle & master the this extraordinary, miraculousgarden: where he kept finding himself, which kept coming back ratherunwittingly.yet so seductivelyWhat, then, if she were there now,would one feel?And could one speak to her?But what could one say, having followed her into some little private room?At last, one would be able to speak the truth;to speak the truth at last; to have done with these intolerableevasions. these lies, these subterfuges.Nobody SomebHe could never be told the truthThe truth was the simplest of allthings.It might be very unpleasant."Yes, but your books are notfirst rate. You are not a great philosopher."Also it wasamusing. Old Carmichael was, really, a figure of fun.Alsovery amusing; very easy, very satisfying.To her alone,one could say it that was the source of her everlasting attraction for him -