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229251flapping & in those days yellow awnings had to be spread over the doors toprevent the paint blistering: bowls held b gold fish: an air through thewarm summer air voices eagerly talking could be heard: shouts oflaughter: & that & then, when night came,it waslike a very thin veildrawn over the light of the sun, still like more very soothinlythe windows daylight: it hushed & soothed; peopl it coveredup whatwould be glowing there the day after.

But But the waggon wheel must have gone over a foot there; even then:Presumably if he were quite honest, he meant his mother.A waggon that goes over a foot without its being anbodies fault, yet, if you see it done,sitting up in your perambulator, helpless, the it is exc pain torture:it is excruciating pain: Very well. He was now matching itIt went over her once or twice.