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219231She meant locking them up in the catacombs & turning the key on them.She would have married him, had she been able. She hadShe remembered how she had made a note about moving a tree inher picture, in a state of exaltation one night, after talking to WilliamBankes, & It had flashed upon her that she need not marry.& the reliefof one'sescape fromher)(That was a tribute to the effect that Mrs. Ramsay had upon people)He had listened to her with his wise child's eyes when he had told herthat a figure might be part of a designHe had been shocked at herneglect of the neglect of the human significance of mother & son; but heIt was not the irreverence that used them, on this occasion, as ashadow.She did not intend any disparagement of a subject, which shehe did notlecture, orlaugh; oragreed with him Raphael had treated divinely.She was notcynical.Thanks to his scientific mind, he understood; w & sheThe understanding was so rare that she was gratefula triumph ofHis disinterested intelligencewhhad comforted her enormously.Indeedhis friendship was one of the pleasures of her life.But why:to be able to talk about painting dispassionately.But whymarriage, she asked herself?

It was the penalty of beauty - it Beauty It stilled the life,froze formalised it. It was easier froze it. One forgot thelittle agitation that was always at work: the breeze that disordered thehair; the flush, tha the paleness; here a remarkable shadow,some ?sunthere now then ugliness. some distortion.Looking b It wassimpler to smooth it all out under that mask of faces,beauty which was,what was the look she had when sheLily painted.Having written her Having written her letter Mrs. R would stuff thepaper with enormous decision in ?anenvelope;