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218229(Suddenly, suffused with reddish light, she saw againPaul Rayley sittingdown by Mrs. Ramsay at dinner.The reddish light was covereda haze ofhim; Minta was all gold. So they had painted themselves upon hermindThere they sat, like lamps, like torches. burning upon her mind,The light waslike a flare.sending a flare up into the sky - such a sight as lasted a lifetime,of alike the twisted flame of some flame of a signal fire on a desert island.Shein her little boat saw it;at the same time she had beenIt was a memorable, symbolical, one of those occasions whena monument is raised by the combined force of myriads ofput up by nameless people as a in token of some unknownvast celebration.She heard the roar & the crackle.Theseawhole landscape for miles around was cov ran red & gold.Some winy smell must have been mixed with it, & intoxicatedheadlong desireher for she remembered her own impulse to throw herself over the(as so often, amongthe extremes ofemotionled or cliff, to & be drowned. (She had offered to go & look for aatbrooch.)At the same time, even in the height of the roar & thecrackle [?] ?frighten repelled her with fear, with disgust. withhorror at the devouring egotistical force; as this at one moment ablaze is nothing but splendour & light, & at another, seems to bfeeds[?voraciously][?]laps up unscrupulousfeed feeding on all the treasure of the house.But for a sight,gloryeffort flaming fromfor a great effort flung up(by that quite ordinary young man, too,sitting at dinner,opposite her, with a plate of figs between them)surit outpassed everything in her experience; remained, a signalfire burning on a desert island at the edge of the sea; &so would always burn. making the water run red & gold.

ButOdd to think that the parents of this splendourwere now just Paul & Minta Rayley.)ButButoverwhateverAnyhow,But This diversion apart, Mrs. Ramsay certainlywould have meant by marriage, & it was probable that