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206205tyranny to the death.Decked in a thousand brilliant colours,this vice came among men. [They were affective; & they conquered]People always went under to them: the tyrants; women did inparticular; but the loathsome vice always showed throughit all. He might charm, he might preach; he might bea great man for anything James knew;They charmed. They wheedled.Now he was wheedling Cam, aboutthis puppy; & she would give way; & the compact would be left to himcarry out. to resist tyranny to the death.But she did not answer.uponSometimes a over a hill that has been green & bright &sunny, a cloud falls; gravity descends; there, among allthe miles of surrounding brightness, alone is gloom &sadness; for a moment, for a space.So now & if one canfancy thought among hills & high places,it would seem asif they must ponder the fate of the clouded & darkened;soCam was sudd overcast now, with the cloud that rested on her,of the whole burden & battle & ?desaster of life; & howimpossible of solution; & how her father's voice asking whowas to take the puppy out, was cleft her, for shewas the& question like that addressed to her by people who wished toforerunner of all questions of all the desolate, theabandoned, the criminals, who when the gates shut onthem, repent their crime, & beg forgiveness; but there isalways a lawgiver, stern & just, who forbids forgiveness, &rightly too; a lawgiver who has somehow laid openupon his knees the tablets of eternal wisdom;says no,&& rightlyof all human qualities she revered justice most, shethought;her brother was most godlike;only anexistence like this, she thought, still gazingat theshore, whose points were unknown to her, with one will