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231195came to little rises in the ground, when the landscape had aan air of being seen in its final truth.felt

She had said that a moment ago aboutThe thoughtconnected itself with some another,From this point, the rest of the page is draft of "How Should One Read a Book?" [Hussey, M]A few of the thoughts that have2I will lay before you some of the thoughts that have come to me onsuch an occasion as this:But you will notice that there is anote of interrogation at the end of my title.For It is true thatthough oOne may think about reading as much as one chooses, but it isimpossibleabominable to lay down any sort of law about it.Here, in thisroom, we breathe the air of freedom. There are no laws, noinequal law givers. Each man & woman has to make up hismind for himself.27Perhaps it is the better & more important point. To get the shock in[?]strongly & clearly as possible [?] [?] as :as much personally as possible is perhaps the betterthe most necessary of all things. Without that private -peculiar feeling, we cannot build or all reading is dust & ashes.But once received, there comes the much more curious task ofdiscriminating, sorting out & judging.