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226185could she have lain reading a whole morning in the garden?It was unthinkable.She disappeared.Without saying a wordthe only token of her errand being a basket on her arm.She went off, to the town, to the poor, to the stuffy little rooms, thelittlethe close, the sordidrooms, where old suffering women,men crushed by some accident in the prime of life, languished,died with the torture before them of children left or wives left;to live There she came. And once, Laugh who would[?In] Among her friends the futility of acts such as theseownto bewerewas known to be futile; the easy benevolences, luxuries thatdrew off the flood of pity, & sati fi & satisfied the giver thatso?gave ?neitherButmore action & thought were not needed.Perhaps it was Mrs.Ramsay's beauty. Anyhow, Lily could not help it: shethought followed her often going to the town with herbasket, silently: she noted her return. She thoughtEyes that are closing in pain & despair have looked on you. Shethought, your beauty has been with them. She adoredthat goodness. from the bottom of her heart.