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223179ThisBut she owed this to Mrs. Ramsay, however, & she looked at the steps where Mrs.Ramsay used to sit with knitting, writing, oftensometimeswith abook on her knee, often with a child.Had shethis ?much?The wraith which she had?nowdismissed a moment before,the impotent, the excluded, nowNow of allthings she wished [?]shaped itself in a won an aspect of beauty ?i became aas she implored[?]to take her thanks,forgive, to accepther her ?gratitudeAnd ?give ?signsomethingyoubut the nextshe wastormentedyet her imagegave off beautywore had its beauty wore an aspect of beauty. becameswam up from its faraway distances, & seemed for a moment kindled, real.oneAnd Lily turning against her own callousness, implored this ghostto take her ?ap accept her to believe her when shehumbly said that she was grateful - accept her thanks; butthe ghost no. She was misled, she was tormented by thebut ittoo beautiful, too sorrowful, too noble. Mrs. Ramsaywas not like that.She didnot sit with folded hands & flowingrobes; her eyes downcast, & the or gravely meeting fir lookingexpectant; Beauty which came at the lightest call, dimmedher. Beauty dimmed her. Beauty flowinged round her like thewhite light of candles obscured her. She was gone; she was lostShe sought something She wore an old shooting cap, Lily remembered.She threw a shawl round her. She clapped it casually on her head.It seemed as if a lustre rested there, on the step; as if the thought of herwere composed like a dream itself at once into a statuesqueshape that mourned; a grieving he had been so beautiful; &this beauty now seemed to heighten her, toShe wore an old shooting cap,Her Where wasthat woman gone?And sure enough, something swam up there on the s drawingroomsteps: the shape of a woman, beautiful, silent with downcast eyes.She was extremely beautiful - She said was musing, pondering.She was like a the figure of Sheabout her, But what did she mourn? Why was she grieving?WhyWhat had death given her the part to play that was none of hersin life? Yet, the longer she looked, the moreplainly Lily could see before her that astonishing beauty; & it