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216165sail, past the stagnant, the tepid, the enclosed; & findThey would be free & alone. They would pass on & beyond - But,in the storMacalister's story,the movement, breeding in him too some strange exaltation, Mr.Ramsay lost ?supp filling his pipe again chanted beau sombrely, in hisfilledbeautiful deep & beautiful sonorous voice, "We perished, each alone,"& hearing him they both felt - stopped himself, & repented, && with that usual spasm of repentance & or& reticenceshyness at having violated the priva decency of life, &desiring to bury his said covered his outburst instantly with acry & a wave of the hand.[?]

"See our the little island" he said pointinggesticulating, as as if he wished Cam to look; at yet he was notthinking of her or of the house; until, in her But sheshe knewraised herself, & looked b from looking at the sea racing green oneither side & looked back at the land, & tried to make outwhich was their house. Houses were scattered about on thehillside so strangely. The There was the whole town,that she could not make out the way which was which. ButAnd it all looked composed & qu peaceful, & as ifin the dawn of time, men human beings had lodged themselvesprecariously there, with the hills behind them, facing the sea.peacerested& had made peaceful community, & sleep was on them now, &But as for their house, which was it? That Perhaps it was thelittle white block rather to the right - only No, for theirhouse had