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213159& in her anger she hoped that the breeze would never comeriseso that he might be thwarted, since he had forced them to comeagainst their wills.They All the way down to the beach she hadwithJamestheyshe had lagged behind.They knew each others minds.Withoutspeaking they knew each others minds; & how each feltas if their heads were bent downthe same dull sullen rage; like trees pressed down by a remorseless gale.Speak to him they could not.They must come, they must follow.Speak tohim theycould not.theAnd then And then, there were theseintolerable parcels - Nancy hadto produce them; she was scoldedtoo; things one took to the&Light lighthouse:& sighed over, sacred relics, tokens, wrapped up inthat [?] odiousanmixture, of gloom, of falsity; & Since&he of gloom & sorrowwhich there was no being frank could not undoa sanctified, anodious mixturethey would sit, James steering,with his father beside him,Cam curled up in the bow; & they would not say anything;butthey would look at him, now & then, where he sat with hislong legs wriggled round each other, waiting impatiently for abreeze. They would both hoped that the Heavens themselveswould And they hoped it would be calm. They hoped theymight be put back again. They hoped

But now when Macalisters boy had rowed a little waythey caught the breeze; they the sails swung round; && the boat quickened itself, & lay flattened on the water &uncurled his legsshot off. as Thereupon, Mr. Ramsayrelaxed his tension, took out&his pouch & he shared it with Mac he handed it to Macalister, &?theynow in spite of all their suffering & boredom, he was happy,quiteJames & Cam knew. He

She gave it up. Now they would sail on for hours like this.Mr. Ramsay would ask old John Macalister, the a question;usual sorts of questions. "Then she comes round the point -& old John would answer it. Then they would smoke together. Macalisterwould take a cord in his hand; he would loosen a rope, or knot a rope;he would the boy would fish; & James would be forced tokeep his eye all the time on the sail. For if he forgot, then[?] The One Now theSo therehappy