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211155which seemed to her so much more real thanNot the Mrs. Ramsay of flesh & blood; but this other, the who was remote &hidden & this spirit laugh, & this an essence, something goneacompletely ?into ?a substance, yet stealing back & modifying &moulding one's thoughts. Who It was all Mrs. Ramsay doing still -that she thought tenderly of Charles.Still she prevailed -Faintly almost imperceptivly she made herself felt. She hadput off the robe of ?flesh & taken on another.ForLily never sawher now. She sometimes she thought of her.onlyThe white still house seemed in consonance with this; & thethin smoke; & the clear fine early morning air.She wished to share her Little as it was It was unreal, it wasfaint, it was astonishingly pure & exciting & she hopedno body would open the windows, nobody come out of the house,&but that she might go on painting now.terrificproblem

For now it was the horror was on her again: thequestion of colour. But one moment - as if impelled by somecuriosity which she must gratify, or drawn by somediscomfort which she must assuage she turned to look at theto look whether she couldbay. It struck her that she would be able to see theirboat, down below, in the bay. Would they have had time toget to the beach?