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208149forthe old divine anxious pleasure was at work, which while itstimulated her to think even as she stood absorbed to bring backthe little such figures as that - people who had ceased to influence herthethisone way or another, He had married, & f The little She hadlast seen the bristly energetic man, here; little manto conjure upof people like that; the figures of people who had ceased to influence her; ?&beenbut had been part of her once; So he had, too. In those old dayswhen she stayed with the Ramsays, coming up behind herhe had stood (a thing she detested) smoking bad tobacco, couldn'tafford good tobacco - (then hHe paraded his poverty; His principlesstuck out of him. He got on all their nerves. And He sneered atHe stalked about with books under his arm.He 'worked', whenostentatiously, on the middle of the lawn; & he'worked' after dinner.fastened on to her & talk explained his views & discoursed -they argued about: sometimes Mrs. Ramsay had to interfere.then had gothis job; hadmarried; wasoneAngry arguments that were theNowThen, he married, &became Lily considered one of thosetofigures one meets innewspapers, "Charles Tansley" - aShe met hisHe wrote letters, & articles, & Charles This Charles Tansleysigned letters, was one of those He wrote letters: &perhaps spoke at meetings; & she had an idea that he lived& thatthey wd bedaughters,at Hampstead & had three or four childrenall daughters too,whom he brought up to consider themselves inferior; &she supposed with complex ?feel dry justice & disapproval; &never ?into had he she would be inclined to think that[?]angularity;he had never enjoyed a moments happiness in his entire life,sawif it werenotforbut Mrs. Ramsay threw rather a different view light on him.But how?By laughing at him on a picnic about anumbrella.Suddenly Then for a moment,That showeda different side - & he then becoming - oh as most peopledo at times - perfectly natural.

And why not thought Lily. crooning like a kettle on the hob.Why A very Daily it seemed to her she became less ableThen he said informed her ofHe attacked her; now, as she could see,