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205143Eveneventhe question. For one line placed on the canvas immediatelycommitted to her to an a conflict, a to innumerable risks, f & theneed of constant & irrevocable decisions.All that, in idea, washad seemed simple, became in practice immediately complex,&the ?wavestheflat from the cliffseen from the cliff, not a wavesare all symmetrical; but to theswimming, how vast clefts divide them; & they have areerdivided by steep gulfs, & have towering crests.Urgedthe leap must be taken; & the risk which run. Shemade her Her preparations were made; her palate spread; & nowshoved aheadwith a curious physical sensation of leaping, being urged on, &tothetrying her utmost to control her leap, she laid the t madedrivingremorselessspirit behindthat drivingsensation her,{?coming] in & out[?] ?be tremulousas flesh, butalso firm,for all theirthe first quick decisive stroke. It flickered brown over the purewith a second firmwhite canvas. It& without pause, exc attaining by degrees, adancing rhythmical sensitive movement, as if theonebrush itself were a sensitive proboscis ?of instrument of somesome sensitive weapon in the inspired with nerves of its ownscoredShe scribbled her canvas over with with light brownwhichfl lines wavering, whose extreme sensibility froze intowhose sensibility enclosed described the at once settled into somethingformidable permanent. She had committed herself to that now.The statement was made.