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200131But he noticed that his bootlaces were undone. Remarkable boots they were, too,Lily noticed; substantial, colossal the boots of a yet like everythingMr. Ramsay wore from his frayed tie to his half buttoned waistcoat,so moulded & his own indisputably, distinguished, chara delicate,distinct, She could see them walking to his room of their ownaccord, instinct with the inspired by his sur living, on ha part of him. "What beautiful boots!" she exclaimed.She was ashamed of herself. To praise his boots when heasked her to solace his soul, when he had shown her, like a childcraving sympathy, his bleeding hands his lacerated knees,then to say cheerfully, what beautiful boots you wear!deserved, she knew, annihilation instant & completeInstead, Mr. Ramsay seemed instantly revived. His pall, hisin sol his absencethe [?drawing]pathetic orexpressivesurly as the[?core] [?might/?may it]becloak, his draperies, fell off him; & rRaising himself, he smiledinfirmityshowed beamed seemed ten years younger, as if this talk ofboots had turned his mind recalled pleas something which was areal source of gratification to him (yet Lily reflected, he ispridehas every kind of honour) as if he were as if in the welter &chaos of life here was a sunny island, where peace dwelt, & sanityreigned. He hadWell might she praise his boots. Boots he explainedusuallyare among the ?unl were, until he went into the question - forhimself, among the curses of mankind. But As a young man he[?][?]had appl applied his brain to the problem.He had ?taught ?fought hisaccumulated obstinacy, perversity & stul knavery of generations:of all th the boot makers. He had prevailed. The resultsAt last - he had triumphed. They fitted precisely. They were made of the(he made herobserve)finest of nothing but leather. He raised his left foot; he raised hisNextright foot.He showed her his knot. Three times he knotted his boots.Three times in He asked her whether she could tie a knot.systemHe pooh poohed her feeble effortsThree times he knotted hisboots: three times he unknotted them. He tied hers for her.Why at this[?]There was onlyone methodhisown.