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199129TheyThere must be action & have been certain thoughts, occasions in thepast life of Mr.Ramsay which were the just cause of hisjust self-esteem. It would have appeared so. But no.Nothing, it seemed roused his so roused his pride &contented his warmed his dependency as the thought of hiscampaign ?in years & years ago in this matter of getting hisboots, made to fit his feet, of pure leather.The mostHow many attempts he had made, what perversity he hadencountered, & finally what triumph he had won - he told her thehuman perversity that was unbelievable. He raised his left legstoryfoot; then his right foot. And then, having demonstration beingthecomplete, to crown all he showed her, he insisted that she shouldinstantly understand & practice, his knot. It was oneof thosehow marvellously it combined simplicity &a?though ?thus heread [?need][?]one [?hunger][?obstinately/obstinacy]vanquished ?thescandalous?romaneffectiveness. Simple - a marvellous combination ofcomplete simplicity & entire efficiency.He tied herHe untied her shoe lace; he tied her shoe lace.of the

Why then, at all inappropriate moments, should there come over her,as she stooped, to show practice Mr. Ramsay's knot, now at thisvery moment, as she stooped, an so much sympathy that she wastying up her shoe, the should she be so tormented withsympathy for him that, as she stooped, the blood rushed to her face: shefelt her eyes swell & tingle. This He tied this knot in the face ofdeath. He had no one now to show his boots to. He tied this knot insolitude [?gratitude]. Terribly It was intolerable, to th to her to think ofentirelyinappropriateas it was,was thatit?That he Incredibly courageous, with the simplicity of ahe faced disaster. She saw His figure suddenlyappeared to her like that infinitely venerable; It was thoseboots of his. his pride in his boots; it was t the shegivefacing completedisasterwith afirmlaughing[?]

And Mr. RamsayAh!Ah! Here they are! Mr. Ramsay exclaimed.They approached, side by side,Cam & James were there, at last;a serious, melancholy couple.

She felt for Mr. R,She would do ev him whateve everything.Now indeed the