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194119dared disappoint him, (for clearly he had some wish of his own about it)wouldready to sink & vanish in the disappear & be drawntragically under in the bitter waters,fling himself backwards into the waters of despair. Such ahe hadgift was his for gesture. She could remember that. Doggedly?said ?heJames said agreed: Cam stumbled. That was tragedy it seemed toLily Briscoe. Not palls & funerals, dust & the shroud. Butreluctance coerced; & children (Cam was 187, James 16 - both in thesuddenwho was not there; & Then she had thought of Mrs. Ramsay.Then, what with one thing & another, the beauty being tired, &curious beauty some melody some air such as houses have?after absence folded her ?round, & she had lost herself in itflush of youth) trodden under.She had looked for somebodymuddled inexpressibly, & people moving in & out with candles, &some