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187105accept: it they might without failing losing their power, or givingway to his up their scepticism, or sinking once again into thesoft depths of acquiescence, they might, half timid, laughing; orassuming some expression which could not be [?] mistaken formere rapture, lie watchfully awake, & see, now through thechink of the blind the splendid monarch, hear, through somethe open window the deep voice persuading, & entreating, orround all the islands, but now controlled; &measured; & [?]grave; & hear -The line between 'hear' and the first 'the' seems at least to cancel 'the' and may also cancel 'hear'. [Shillingsburg, P.] the the birds begin; &the dawn weaveThe 've' of 'weave' is written of the 'r' of what was 'wear'. [Shillingsburg, P.] their voices into its whiter garment; &then hear the hear the wheels begin; & then,at last forgetting to discriminate between whil wheel &bird, yielding at last perhaps to that marvellousnight, & the roll of all those seas, & the immensity of thesky; feeling incapable of more of divising a plan formaking a footstool of beauty, or a handmaiden of nature,So lapse & fall, & on only, before losing consciousnessagain, & sleeping once more, the the sleepers in thehouse might recognise in themselves, withdelight & astonishment & something like fear, fromthe [?] [?] the cry of some bird, it might be, in thegrinding on the road far away of an early wheel -another emotion half waking them at the moment.sleepy, & mixing & mighty, & making their heartsleap, even as they fell over the edge of the cliff intosleep, with a the stab & stir & wild expectation &desire of the com coming measured tide[?]sent:The phrase 'flowed down...sent', though uncancelled here, is moved to a later position in the typescript. [Shillingsburg, P.] [?]so hear the vast sigh of all the seas breakingStray mark or hyphen or full stop? None seems appropriate, but there is a mark. [Shillingsburg, P.]merely chanting to itself;flowed down in purple & blue, &