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18395which had done very fairly since there was only one square army ofof thick[?] waving grass yet to be demolished on the lawnwhile the ba behind him the shining grass lay prone; thethe curt stubble was crisp. He brought order &laid low the wilderness with each sweep, & to do him justice was asteady worker, slow but remorseless,The marginal note seems equally appropriate after 'worker' or 'remorseless'. [Shillingsburg, P.] as if each movement wereissuedtimed byAlthough the deletion line does not reach to these two words the inserted word 'issued' seems to replace them. [Shillingsburg, P.] an accuratesent out by the shock of his heart, &from(a powerful butnot a inarticulateorgan)sucked in & sent out; so that even now he would waste nowords with the women in the window, only grinned & spat, & resumedagain that rhythmic singsong stroke, which wasadvanced like the sweep of an invincible army ove the& waryinsugr insurgents rioting beforein their tumult b up thebank & over the lawn & so laid them flat.

When, at six in the evening, & the pale green swatheslay twined with convolvulus or wild flowers on the lawn,&when the rooks were deliberating, fastidiously, tentatively,among the tree tops, & from again like some halfwhose notesheard melody some adumbrated music what the eardrophalf catches but lets some notes fall so that the harmony isnever completed, now the time assured, but now there arelong pauses & new notes reiterated close togetherthe sea & the machine, the pigeon, & the boys voice, alla barkingdogstruck far & faint, yet out at sea, deep in the fields,in the airabove[?]until it seemed as if harmony were about to triumph -then suddenly the in would rush the windas if now they must unite together: but then in rushed thewind, & all was dispe