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17783dimA little figure, of a lady in a grey cloak, bending down among whiteflowers on a summer's night, & evening appeared here (at her& here & here as Mrs. Macnab went, [?]as by the open drawer ofby the washstand, by the cupboard as Mrs. Macnab went didthe bedroom - It was more like an image seen through a ratherfeeble telescope; it was cut out like that - a lady in a grey cloak -feeling to itwithout any much else, save some queer pleasure, rising inMrs. Macnab's old Maggie's brain to think of herself going upthe drive to have her tea perhaps in the kitchen on asummer's evening when everything was things were better than theyare now. She sighed - she moaned. The little picturewhichthe ghost who had come back to the bedroom, like afor a moment to waver across the wall & like a momentarysunbeam on a cloudy day vanished.The period after 'vanished' replaced a colon, but the next word, 'old', remained lower case. [Shillingsburg, P.] Old Maggie saw nothing: at all.The colon after 'nothing' seems to replace period when the marginal note replaced lines 15 to 17. [Shillingsburg, P.]Compared with everything else there - the mahogany chest ofdrawers - the brass bedstead - the ghost which oldMaggie hadA vertical squiggly line through lines 15 to 17 appears to cancel everything from 'Compared' through 'Maggie had'. The marginal note appears to replace this passage. [Shillingsburg, P.]saw only thechest of drawers& the brassbedsteadwhich neededpolishingSuch was the fate of that [?]w ghost.

They survived. The Pleasant ghosts - & she had had a waywith her, Mrs. Ramsay, - would not could not alter those;could not stay. It was only by fits & starts one got thethought of them. A la Stooping among her flowers - oldMaggie might say it herself, but but her old crazedcouldwits were flitting off elsewhere; The There wastoo much here to do for one person - woman - to do.too much - too much.

So, when she had gone, ill temperedly banging the doors,& forgetting her flowers,the house seemed like ashell deserted of life, & given over to moulder on a sandhill.