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17375This intrusion into a scene which was otherwisecalculated to stir the most sublime reflections & lead to themost comforting conclusions stayed their pacing. Ifthat snout out in thrusting itself up in the there expressedthe desire wish to meant death, & starvation, & pain,it was difficult to abolish its significance, & to continue.walking by the sea, to adm marvel at the, as one walked tomarvel at the completeness, & at the roundness, &rounded completeness of human existence. [the the nature& how nature capped what was supplemented what man&Foradvanced, completed what he began, [?]Equally benignant &sublime,] she contemplated his misery, she condoned hisby the searemainedbeautifulstillmeanness, she acquiesced in his torture. She was asbeautiful as ever, & Yet how could one forget thatbring that ugly snout, that lean murderous ship, intoVertical lines through three lines of text indicate the cancellation of everything from 'She was as' through 'into the pattern?' [Shillingsburg, P.]The black snout interfered with the whole composition.Was there no composition at all then? Was itWas it And there This dream of harmony & completenesswaswas but the reflection in a mirror - [& the snout broke themirror, & the mirror was only such a superficial glassinesssuchas forms in a state of quiescence when the nobler powersare asleep?Anything was nobler than Semblancessuch as these meant nothing; & so, impatiently yetdespairingly - for beauty has her consolation, howeverillusory, she may be - it seemed nobler & more necessary nowto no more beach pacings, no more contemplating wassolitudepossible, & for years, for a [?] desolation reigned there;the mirror was broken.

Night after night, in summer & winter nothing waswaves & sun, the torment of storm & the d arrowlikestillness of fine weather held their court without interveinterference.A Listening from the- had thereroomsbeen anyone to listen - from the upper chambers of thehouse, which where the only gigantic chaos could havbutnot