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17273in thecupboardThe high position of this note suggests that is was added after the following marginal note was written. Also the note's drop-in position could be either before or after 'it vibrated'. [Shillingsburg, P.]joyful or tragic,as if a giant voice hadscreamed & shriekedso [?]The illegible word looks like 'oneven' or could be 'angrier' - though neither make much sense. [Shillingsburg, P.] at last toreach the cupboardwhere the tumblersstood.& blazingcolorwere a current it vibrated to a current in the air, werepierced by some anguish or joy which thrill. The natureaof which was not disclosed. of an unknown nature. Thenoragain silence: & then nothing but the sound of waves again, & the& then, night after night, the & sometimes in plain midday,when the roses were all blooming & the light was turning itsshapely shape clearly, [?] seemed to drop a stone in the weven into this silence, & this indifference. Andthis brilliance, this complete indifference.

Then the escaped, indeed those who had gone down to pacetheythe beach & ask of the sea & sky what messageit reported ortheyaffirmedwhat vision it made manifest,There are at least three levels of revision: 1. 'it made manifest' 2. 'they made manifest' 3. 'they affirmed' The cancellation of the 'made manifest' is mostly inferred rather than actually indicated physically. [Shillingsburg, P.] had to consider among[?] the usual?lyrical [Shillingsburg, P.] & the delightful tokens of diving bounty -such as the sunset on the sea & the colour of the waves& their frolic & their grandeur  & the the majesty ofthe cliffs - something unexpected. For instance, athe calmmoonrisingThe marginal insertion can with equal justice be put after 'cliffs' or after 'unexpected.' [Shillingsburg, P.]murderous looking ship;The semi-colon was added after the cancellation of 'would appear, or,'. [Shillingsburg, P.] would appear, or, leaden, ashen,sinister; or, a little froth & stain upon the bland surfaceof the sea, as if beneath something were foaming or &being bitten by sharks be boiling beneath.