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16967May 14thprepare &,were so brought together to assemble the scattered parts of the faith he of thehe vision within them. Now displayed outside them it wain sky & wind& what wasin cliff & sea, what they it the thing seemed manifest, outside, & inside,mademiraculously seemed miraculously one.

For a week at the end of May this unity was persisted& The spring without a lea leaf to toss or a bough tovery bare & bright presented itself like a virgin fierce in herchastity contemptuous in her purity; & was there, in theveryfields & on the sea,heartless & if it were not for theas ifdreams & desires of the beholders, apparently entirelywide eyedwatchfullaid out,unconcerned with their what was done or thought or hoped orfeared. Beauty, she the with the dreams & desires of thebeholders. with what was done or thought; by the beholders. by the if the Nevertheless, thes th[?] dreams persisted; &it was impossible, so str to resist the strange intimation which&every gull & flower, the trees - the bright pure earth itselfseemed to declare, but if one questioned them at once tothenwithdraw, as as to the triumph of good, the universality ofthingsSee 'good thing' three lines down. [Shillingsburg, P.]happiness; the & again or to resist the extraordinaryustostimulation, which seemed urging the one to seek apeople hither & thither as if in search of some good, somehard crystal it might be, entirely remote from theirpleasuresn known & familiar pleasures & virtues; somethingaltogether alien to the processes of domestic life; somethingbright & fierce & hard, let f a crystal laid on a sandyfloor, a diamond glittering in the white dust.And then,suddenly, as it seemed conquered & acquiescent, softened now& tender, the spring seemed to the watchers & pacers whowere seeking a revelation to have knowledge of theirtears: to cloudy, to have compassion, & allsingingThe word 'singing' appears cancelled by implication. [Shillingsburg, P.]echoing with birds voices & boys whis bees humming & the& instead of seeking this absolutethe watcherspure& rather [?]thing